The Disconcerting Doglette Dilemma

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It’s funny how these little ones can really work their way into your heart so quickly without you realizing just how deeply they’ve affected you… until something happens. More


The Doglette Bad Dream Tribulation


Dog Nightmare

Well, it’s finally come to that time: when we care enough for the doglettes that we are now having doglette nightmares. Okay, maybe not quite nightmares where we wake up screaming, but the type of very uncomfortable dream that has us waking upset – so much so that we need to make sure they’re okay.

For me, it’s just an expected small step. For Hubby, this is a HUGE step in life.


Level I Obedience

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By the time this post goes live, we will have made it to the half-way mark of Level I Obedience classes with the doglettes. Yes, believe it or not, we’re trying to teach them something about obedience; but in all reality, I think the classes are more to train us than to train them. It’s a sneaky way to train us to give them as many treats as we can in an hour’s time or less. And let me tell ya: Hubby’s doing a wonderful job!

“Aww, look at that face! So cute! Here’s a treat!”


The Doglettes’ True Names

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Not everyone is lucky enough to get a pet from birth, where they have the privilege of giving them a name. When I was a child (some will attest that was just last year), I grew up with “found” dogs – strays that wandered into our lives and stayed. We were lucky to have them, and to give them an appropriate name. The first one I remember was called “Missy.”

But already I digress.