Mercury Retrograde II

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Mercury Retrograde

Well, it’s happening again. Mercury is retrograde this month, starting on the 19th, and going until June 11th. And how do I know this?

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Puerto Rico: The Isle of Enchantment


El Morro

I was recently blessed with the chance to visit Puerto Rico – the birthplace of Hubby. After being together for over 10 years, and Hubby not getting to visit with his family very much over those years because of finances, we decided it was well past time that we tighten our belts, bite the financial bullet, and just do it, even if it was just for an extended weekend. We were able to do it by purchasing our flights months ago, and getting them paid off well in advance, and then the hotel bill would come in later. Sort of like buying your vacation in an installment plan. I guess you could say it was part of my own, personal bucket list – to see the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

There’s a reason why it’s called La Isla del Encanto (the Island of Enchantment).


Ever Have One of Those Days?

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Did you ever have one of those days when it seemed like everything was getting in your way and pissing you off? Other drivers, buses, elevators: they’re all out to get in my way, make me late, and piss me off.


If It Wasn’t for Acupuncture, I’d Be in Prison



I really enjoy acupuncture – so much so, that I look forward to it every 2 weeks. After all, it’s downright cured me of a number of issues including chronic migraines, acid reflux, and most recently, seasonal allergies. But I also continue to go because it helps me deal with those every-day stresses.

But it almost seems to unbalance the stress scales when I drive to my acupuncture treatment. And don’t even get me started when there is a Phillies game, or a concert, or anything that totally mucks up traffic on all roadways within a 25-mile radius! By the time I get to my appointment (and late, I might add) I must look to them like an apoplectic mess, shivering with rage, and ready to bitch-slap anyone who looks at me sideways.