Mercury Retrograde II

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Mercury Retrograde

Well, it’s happening again. Mercury is retrograde this month, starting on the 19th, and going until June 11th. And how do I know this?

People are assholes. More


Birthday Hazards


Lavender Roses
Let’s face it. Birthdays are hazardous to your health. Every birthday you have brings you one year closer to the grave.

They can also be stress inducers! Either we place lofty expectations on ourselves for the special day, or others put expectations on us: You have to have a party; you have to invite all your friends and family, even the people you don’t necessarily like; you have to go out and party; or, someone needs to take you out for a special dinner on the special day. More

NJ Standardized Testing

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Standardized Testing
I keep seeing these ridiculous commercials in the Philadelphia tri-state region about standardized testing in the state of New Jersey. Mostly, it’s a bunch of parents and teachers whining and complaining about how standardized testing is the Greatest Evil this world has ever known! At least that’s what I’m getting from them. And if I’m totally off-base in my understanding, I would love for someone to let me know. More

Can’t Stand Ignant Elevator People

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Yeah, that’s right! I spelled “ignorant” I-G-N-A-N-T because they’re so IGNANT they can’t even spell “ignorant!”

That said, how many time have you walked toward an open elevator with someone standing inside (and looking right at you, I might add), while the door shuts in your face right at the last minute? And not only does the door practically slam the tip of your nose off, but the person inside is just standing there – staring at you – and not even pretending to prevent the doors from closing on you? More

A Letter to Ferguson



Dear Ferguson, Missouri:

I probably shouldn’t be writing something like this, and you don’t even know me, but … well … here it is.

How this issue has exploded beyond all measure is beyond my feeble understanding. Can someone please explain to me how setting fire to your neighbors’ cars and stores, looting from your fellow community members, etc., is the suitable and sane reaction to a Grand Jury decision with which you don’t agree? More

Facebook: A Rant



Facebook. People either love it, or they loathe it; they praise it, or they curse it. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground on it. Additionally, you have two separate types of Facebook users – those that post everything, and those that post very little. More

We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists



I don’t know about you, but I have a problem listening to this situation. Personally, I can understand the strategies behind it – thinking that if you don’t negotiate, they’ll just give in and release the hostage(s) out of pure frustration. And it’s all well said and done when you’re not the one being held hostage, or if it’s not someone you know and love being held. So – outside of the politically-challenged people who simply mimic what they hear because it sounds like popular thought (before actually thinking about what they’re spouting) – I don’t understand the upheaval about the prisoner trade (5 terrorists for 1 Bowe Bergdahl) and I don’t understand the people who are totally against the trade, spouting “we don’t negotiate with terrorists!” and claiming the President never should have made the deal. More

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