Our Doglettes Are Just Like Kids


Beverly Hills Chihuahua
They go to Doggy Daycare every Monday. Plain and simple. It’s officially “Doggy Daycare” but we call it “School.” And they enjoy it, they really do. We’ve been told that when they arrive, they rule the roost and are totally in charge. Even the big dogs fear them (and the little dogs want to BE them). More


I Think I’ve Created a Monster


Sleeping Chihuahuas

Many years ago, when Hubby and I first met, neither one of us had pets. Oh, I’ve had dogs in my childhood. They were always strays. The one we had the longest (and she was the one of the best dogs ever) was Missy. She was still relatively young when she found us – maybe 2 years old – and we had her until she died about 14 years later. But she was the most gentle and loving dog you’d ever meet, part Labrador and part Collie, and you’d only have to fear being licked to death from her. More

The Disconcerting Doglette Dilemma

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It’s funny how these little ones can really work their way into your heart so quickly without you realizing just how deeply they’ve affected you… until something happens. More

It Sneaks Up On You



There is always a time in our lives when we’re suddenly hit with the realization of something that we never saw coming. It could be anything at all: suddenly realizing that you haven’t been 29 in at least 20 years; suddenly realizing that you’re not a billionaire like you’d planned; or even suddenly realizing that when you stopped shaving, the hair that started growing in again had turned a little more grey than you’d remembered.


Wait Training



I had one of those mornings the other morning. You know, one of those mornings where everything seems to be pointing in one, very specific direction with everything that’s going wrong, you can’t help but finally see the message in one, huge EUREKA! moment. On this one particular morning, the message was about learning how to wait, and how to slow down. We all need wait training – even more so than weight training.


The Doglette Bad Dream Tribulation


Dog Nightmare

Well, it’s finally come to that time: when we care enough for the doglettes that we are now having doglette nightmares. Okay, maybe not quite nightmares where we wake up screaming, but the type of very uncomfortable dream that has us waking upset – so much so that we need to make sure they’re okay.

For me, it’s just an expected small step. For Hubby, this is a HUGE step in life.


Who Works Harder?

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There’s been this unspoken war between me and Hubby about who works harder and does the most, both between work and the household. As every other married couple, ever since we’ve been together (it’s over 10 years now), the distribution of “what needs to be done” is well-disbursed between us. Someone takes care of the finances and balances the books, another does the cooking, another takes care of the doglettes, another does the dishes, another does the laundry, etc., etc. We fall into these different roles depending on who excels the best in that role, and that’s just the way it goes. There really is no one time at the beginning of a relationship that the two sit down with paper and pen and outline who is responsible for what job. You just take it up as you see fit (the one who does it best, or has always done the job, does it), and as time rolls on, the camps are outlined and life goes on.

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